New Highland Youth Ministries (nhym)

NHYM is  for students in grades 6-12.

The purpose of these groups is to reach youth and young adults for Jesus Christ, to invest in their Christian discipleship, to help them discover their gifts, to equip them in leadership, and to empower them to then go share His love and meet needs in His name.

This can be summarized in one mission statement. Connecting to Christ, one another and the world!

These groups will:            
Connect to Christ –> Thru worship and discipleship
Connect to one another –> Thru Christian community
Connect to the world –> Thru outreach and missions

NHBC beyond Ministries

weekly opportunities for service


8:30 am:                Worship Service
9:45 am:                Bible study groups

                                 (one for 6-8 grades; one for 9-12 grades; one for young adults 18-29)
11:00 am:              Worship Service
5:30-7:30 pm:       CONNECT N>HYM* – A time to connect with Christ, others, and the world through fun, worship, discipleship, friendship, mission projects, Bible study, leadership development and more!

6:30-7:30 pm:      CONNECT N>HYM– Mid-week Encounter – A time to plan and implement creative outreach ideas and special mission projects** that will allow us to help others in His name – all in the spirit of loving community. (Come earlier at 6:15pm for ice-breakers and prayer times.)

*Beyond> young adults are welcome to participate, assist and help lead as needed during the Connect N>HYM meeting times!
*Beyond> also will be planning separate Bible study opportunities and activities which will always be promoted through the church website and publications.
**Mission projects and creative projects will often include both groups (N>HYM & Beyond>) together.

N>HYM & Beyond>  special events
Opportunities for community-building, enjoying friendship, and serving on mission will be regularly scheduled throughout each season of the year.  These include a week long Christian camp experience in the summers; age-designed retreats; lock-ins; mission trips/projects; concerts; and a wide variety of fun events planned to create space for Christian community and discipleship.  To keep up with the opportunities as they arise, please visit our website, facebook page, or check the weekly church bulletin. Always feel free to ask any staff person or leader here at NHBC!

Note: If any youth or young adults, or parents/guardians, ever need to come to me for prayer, encouragement, counsel or help, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am here to serve the Lord with and alongside you – as we biblically and lovingly encourage younger generations to find Christ and live into His plan for their lives.

Rev. Jennifer C. Mullins — Associate Pastor of Youth/Young Adults

Beyond is for post-high school, college, and career young adults who are ages 18-29.