Just For Parents of youth

A place for parents to come for New Highland Youth Ministry info. 






Parents are an integral part of making ministry happen for our youth at New Highland.  Our vision for ministry is to help every student leave our ministry knowing and serving Christ with a faith that will stick! 

                    Parents, WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!  You are the one who has the most influence on your youth, one study stated that over 72% of youth (ages 12-17) say their parents have an ongoing influence in their decisions, and that number increases into the high 80% after college. 

New Highland Youth Ministry needs you as we minister to your child.  WE NEED YOU!!  We need you to volunteer and attend ministry events with your youth.  We need you to help provide snack suppers, to pray for our youth, to encourage them to be a part of NHYM. 

                            And we are here to help you.  We provide training and support through our monthly parent coffee-house chat.  Call on one another or call on the ministry leaders and let them know how we can help.  NHYM is excited to reach our students for Christ and we look forward to the partnership with each parent as we minister to each student. 

    Who do I CONTACT: church office at the church - admins@newhighlandbaptist.org or 550-9601.  One of the lead team members.  One of our parents that have been around the ministry - we can and will help you, let us know how. 



FAQ's (these are FAQ's that we have identified of many parents, especially if they are new to the ministry.)


What is...

*     PraiseNHYM (pronounced Praise N Him) Praise bands for our youth

           This is a place where those who can sing, play music, or want to help with technical aspects can Serve Christ. 

*    GO! Time: Bible study for youth (click for more info.)

           What does it mean to be a GO! Time Volunteer?  We ask adults to sign-up to assist with GO! Time.  We generally ask    

            for 2 adults to sign-up for each night.  The main purpose of this is to help with student to adult ratio.  It’s also a time to

            get to know the youth and other parents as well as a time to be a part of what our youth are studying.

            If I sign up to help with snack supper, what can I expect to spend and what are some suggestions for meals?

            Generally, you can expect to spend around $30 if you are splitting it with another family.  Here are some ideas:             

            sandwiches, tacos, spaghetti, chicken nuggets, corn dog nuggets, hot dogs, hamburgers, breakfast foods, pizza. 

            Generally, there’s a main dish and maybe a few sides like fruit, veggies w/ranch, chips, mac ‘n cheese.  Then, maybe a

            dessert like little debbie cakes, brownies, cookies, cake, etc.  As far as drinks go, there is cool-aid and lemonade mix in

            the kitchen that you can use which will save on your overall costs.  Plates, napkins, cups, and utensils are in the kitchen

            and available for use.  You can also use any of the serving utensils and trays in the kitchen, just be sure to wash them and

            put them back after you use.  What if nobody else signs up to help w/ snack supper with me?  In the weekly NYHM

            email, we will ask for another volunteer to help you.  If no other volunteers offer to help, and this is a concern, please    

            contact Derek. 

*    Hands and Feet missions: these are mission service projects for our community and beyond

*    GO! Day: these are days focused on reaching-out to friends that would not normally attend church.  The events are aimed at

            helping unchurched feel comfortable to attend, they are usually off-site. 

*    Parent Coffeehouse Chat: once a month, during GO! Time, we create a “coffeehouse” with coffee, tea, hot choc, and

            water while having discussions about raising our youth.  Certain dates there’ll be specific topics and other times it’s just a

            fellowship time to enjoy each other’s company and talk about whatever comes up.  We are always looking for new ideas    

            for topics, so if you have an idea, be sure to email Derek.

*    Youth Committee: this is the “official committee” voted on by the church, tasked with the Youth Ministry.  Committee

            members serve on the committee as directed by the church with necessary rotations.  Lead Team meetings serve as the

            meeting times for Youth Committee meetings.  Any necessary voting is the responsibility of the committee. Committee

            members can also serve on the lead team after their committee service has ended. 

*    Lead Team: this term is used to identify our youth and parents that help in planning and implementation of youth group

            activities and events under the direction of the Youth Committee.  We invite all youth and parents to be a part of “Lead

            Team”.  The purpose of lead team is to allow individuals to serve as God has gifted them for a specific ministry area in a

            non-rotating basis.  This team leads by consensus and defers any voting to the youth committee. 

*    Lead Team Meetings: these meetings are generally held once a month (see NHYM calendar for specific dates). This is where

            the Youth Committee and other adults and youth come together and meet to discuss planning, evaluation, and

            implementation of all NHYM ministry events. 




How much...? (we know money is always an issue so we wanted to provide some ideas for ministry cost)  Trying to help your family budget is always a consideration.  ***Always remember that NHYM is committed to every student being able to be a part of an event regardless of cost.  So if money is an issue for an event, talk to Derek or the Chair person of the youth committee about possible scholarships or assistance.

    + Weekly events - we try to keep these at no cost or very low cost (maybe a meal)

    + GO! Days - these can range from free to $50 depending on what we are doing. 

    + Hands & Feet missions - usually only the cost of a meal, we try to include these events in our budget

    + Weekend Retreats - we try to keep these around $130, but try to not exceed $175 for a weekend retreat

    + Summer Mission trip, or camp - this is where most of our fundraising money goes so we try to keep cost down for every  

        person.  we will publish the full cost but we usually are able to offset every persons cost.  We try to keep the out of pocket    

        cost to around $200-$250. 

= We know there are other cost throughout the year and we try to advertise as soon as possible so families can plan.  Always   

        know you can talk to one of the ministry leaders and work out payments for budgeting purposes.